“The one who wears the crown bears the crown”

That means no one can just be privileged if he is a leader or is best at something because the crown of being the best or being a leader comes at some cost. Such as other people are no longer true to you at heart and one is left all by himself. 

Okay so he was cute and funny and kind of handsome ,but I don’t know why I confessed  about him on a confessions page . Still maybe it was just so I would get noticed but nah …it turned out that he didn’t even know it was me . I mean yeah I disguised my identity by not writing my name ,but I insulted him enough to take any notice; but all he did was ask about me just once . Later we frequently met at numerous events but he would not even bother to notice. Then there was another time when I had a huge crush on my cousin but it turned out to be nothing 😦

Sad life , isn’t it?


All I want for life is to be simple , easy , smooth as a smoothie but alas, the pain of living a life that is a battle in it self , refuses to dwindle , even the idea of which is despicable to me.


Who am I kidding? im just a normal high school student who hangs around as if it is the last day to live, who brags and tease and laugh AND tease and laugh again, then just be as polite and cute that no one dares to refuse an apology. The life I live is all perfect thanks to the dear Allah . But still why is it poor sad life? Most probably because I didn’t get to see the movie I was hoping for and then I got all annoyed due to the feeling of being straight  jacketed .Or maybe because I have no one to talk to yet ! Or it can also be because my cell phone practically is a grandpa model kind of touch screen , compared to all those smart phones I get to see  at school .Or another possibility is I find my studies very tough , and lastly and more importantly it could be because I got fined by our co-ordinator for bunking a biology class ,just for ONCE!! ( who doesn’t?)

So yeah im pretty frustrated plus annoyed plus feverish  plus  bored right now  hence it shows that at least my life